Mitas E-07+ ENDURO TRAIL 150/70B18 Trail ON Trail 70T No Stripe Tubeless Rear Tire


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Mitas E-07+ ENDURO TRAIL is designed as a 60/40 dual sport – trail – adventure bike tire (60% on-road & 40% off-road use).

This M+S (Mud+Snow) approved tire delivers the best mileage durability in the segment and is also able to cope with difficult off-road terrain. Compared to the E-07, it has a more rounded profile to provide excellent maneuverability and cornering stability.

The aggressive chevron tread pattern helps disperse water, soil, and mud from the surface, even in very extreme conditions. The harder rubber compound of the Dakar version (yellow stripe marking) brings 20% more mileage compared to the standard version and almost complete puncture protection thanks to the reinforced carcass.

The rubber compound of the standard version (non-Dakar) is better suited for wet roads.

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