Chain Saver Ring


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Bullet Proof Designs Chain Saver Ring: Ultimate Protection for Your Dirt Bike


Welcome to Bullet Proof Designs, where innovation meets durability. We're excited to introduce our latest product, the Chain Saver Ring – the solution for protecting bikes from chain-related issues.

Product Highlights

  • Prevents Chain Binding: The Chain Saver Ring is designed to keep your dirt bike chain from getting bound up in the wheel or engine case. 

  • Easy Installation: Our Chain Saver Ring is engineered for hassle-free installation.

  • Enhanced Safety: By preventing chain binding, the Chain Saver Ring not only protects your bike but also enhances your safety, reducing the risk of accidents caused by chain malfunctions.

  • Cost-Effective: Avoid costly repairs and maintenance caused by chain damage. 

  • KTM-Compatible Design: Specifically engineered to work seamlessly with KTM/BPD wheels.

Watch how the BPD Chain Saver works

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