BPD Case Guard Sprocket Cover


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Welcome to Bullet Proof Designs, your go-to source for motorcycle protection. We're excited to introduce our all-new Case Guard Sprocket covers specifically designed for KTM, Husqvarna, and Gas Gas motorcycles. Engineered to work seamlessly with Rekluse clutch slave and prevent mud accumulation, our case guards provide unmatched protection and performance for your ride.

 Why Choose Our Case Guards?

Superior Protection
These guards are injection molded from UHMWPE for superior protection and wear resistance
Built to shield your engine cases from rocks, debris, and impacts, our case guards offer robust protection.

Rekluse Compatible
Our case guards are designed to accommodate Rekluse slave cylinder, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. 

Mud-Free Design
Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning out mud and debris. Our case guards feature an innovative design that prevents mud from getting trapped.

Key Features:

- Impact Resistance: Engineered to absorb and deflect impacts, safeguarding critical engine components.
- Lightweight Construction: Preserving its performance and handling.
- Easy Installation: Quick and hassle-free setup.

 Compatible Models:

- KTM: Tailored for a wide range of KTM models, offering precise fit and maximum protection.
- Husqvarna: Perfect fit for various Husqvarna motorcycles, designed to integrate seamlessly with your bike's components.
- Gas Gas: Engineered to protect the latest Gas Gas models, ensuring your bike is safeguarded in any condition.

Why Bullet Proof Designs?

At Bullet Proof Designs, we are passionate about motorcycles and committed to providing riders with the best protection possible. Our products undergo rigorous testing in real-world conditions to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. When you choose our case guards, you're investing in peace of mind, knowing your bike is equipped with the best protection available.




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