BPD Oil Drain Kit

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Product Overview

Change the oil in your KTM or Husqvarna dirt bike without removing your skidplate or creating a mess.  Simply lean the bike over on to a stand or against the wall, remove your OEM drain plug from the crankcase, then install our Bullet Proof Designs Oil Drain Tool.  Place the bike back on the stand or lean over the drain pan, pull the cap then let the oil drain.  Once all of the oil is drained, simply remove the Bullet Proof Designs Oil Drain Tool and replace it with the OEM drain plug.  Pour fresh oil in then go ride!

  • Save time during routine maintenance
  • No need to remove the skidplate just to change the engine oil
  • Made in the USA!
  • Fits all KTM models from 50cc-1290cc 2003-2020
  • Fits all Husqvarna models from 50cc-701cc 2014-2020


(No reviews yet) Write a Review