Mitas E-07 ENDURO 90/90-21 Trail OFF Trail 54T No Stripe Tubeless Front Tire


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Mitas E-07 ENDURO is designed as a 50/50 dual sport – trail – adventure bike tire (50% on-road & 50% off-road use). It is an M+S (Mud+Snow) approved tire.

Although many years on the market, it remains one of the most desirable choices of adventure riders, as it perfectly combines riding characteristics and mileage with off-road capability. The hardwearing compound and optimal performance, both on-road and off-road, make the E-07 a preferred choice on many journeys across the world.

Selected sizes are available in the Dakar version (yellow stripe marking) featuring a stronger carcass and higher puncture resistance. Ideal for higher loads, long-distance adventure trips and extreme conditions.

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