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KTM-RD-04 supersedes KTM-RD-04-20MM, KTM-RD-13-25MM, HUQ-RD-14-20MM, HUQ-RD-15-25MM,GAS-RD-21-20MM,GAS-RD-21-25MM

This is a Oversized 240mm Rear Rotor Guard you will need to order this oversized rotor for this to work.


Bullet Proof Designs offers an Oversized 240mm Rear Rotor Guard designed to provide exceptional benefits. Here are the advantages of upgrading to 240mm brake rotor:

1. Enhanced Braking Power: The oversized 240mm rear rotor significantly improves braking power. Whether you're navigating steep descents or need rapid deceleration in challenging terrain, this rotor ensures you can stop confidently and quickly.

2. Improved Heat Dissipation: This rotor's larger size facilitates better heat dissipation during intense braking. Heat buildup can lead to brake fade, but the Bullet Proof Designs rotor minimizes this issue, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding conditions.

3. Safety: Improved braking performance and reduced brake fade enhance rider safety, allowing for better control and responsiveness in critical situations.

When it comes to enhancing your dirt bike's braking capabilities and ensuring safety in off-road adventures, the Bullet Proof Designs Oversized 240mm Rear Rotor is a reliable choice. Upgrade to this rotor to experience improved braking power, durability, and performance in a variety of riding conditions.

This oversized Bullet Proof product (Shark Fin) offers the ultimate protection for your Rear Brake Rotor. Our lightweight one piece 240mm design optimizes strength and prevents bends in the rotor. This combinaton design allows for simple installation and added protection, especially when paired with our new Rear Brake Caliper Guard specifically designed to match Our new Rear Disc Guard. These 240mm guards provide ample protection for your rear brake rotor, shielding it from rocks, debris, and other solid objects. 

The BPD 240mm Rear Disc comes with 20/22/25mm axle spacer to make the guard compatible with all modern models of KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas including the new '23+ models with 22mm axle. 


KTM:  2004-2024 125-500 ALL MODELS 

HUSQVARNA: 2014-2024 125-501 ALL MODELS

GAS GAS: All 2021-2024


Compatible with the all-new Braketec brake calipers found on 2022-2024 model EXC/XC-W models.

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    Rear Disc guard for oversize 240mm rear brake upgrade

    Posted by George Roumeguere on May 13th 2024

    This product has to be purchased if you are considering a 240mm rear brake upgrade from BBD, it is super quality and is a plug and play solution for better rear braking power and disc protection, i strongly recommend this upgrade from BBD and have also installed the rear caliper guard as well as it avoids your caliper getting snagged when on the trails, i have installed this on my KTM 450 EXC 2014 model.

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