TM Designs YAMAHA Factory Edition #2 Rear Chain Guide w/ Replaceable Wear Pad

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TM Designs Factory Edition #2 Rear Chain Guide w/ Replaceable Wear Pad
The new RCG-YZ3 Factory Edition # 2 rear chain guide with replaceable lower wear pad.


  • New generation chain guide for 2014. Patented USA # D600,600 and international design Patent # 1155048.
  • The TMD chain slide n guide and Protection parts have been used by Yamaha Factory off road for 15 straight years.
  • We are proud of our relationship and championship victory's with Paul Wibley, Barry Hawk, Jason raines, Randy Hawkins.
  • One performance upgrade we recommend is to re-weld your s/arm chain guide bracket (14-1 for serious off road racing.
  • The 13-23 stock swingarm mounting block is super weak & the OEM welds have little penetation.
  • 2 choices of replaceable wear pad compounds will keep your wear pad fresh.
  • The new Chain Guide design is super stronger and features larger light-weight cutouts to reduces unsprung weight.
  • Guide body is made by TMD in the USA useing our dirt bike specific Return memory plastic formula.
  • Our guide has the best lower sprocket -chain protection and accepts up to 3 sized over stock.
  • Setup for wide chains, and is the only plastic part with UV protection to keep the color from fading..
  • 1-Year breakage warranty on the chain guide body in the USA only.Available in TMD Yamaha blue, black, red colors.
  • Recommended by Dirt Bike, Dirt Rider, and Motocross Action magazines!
  • Look for Ampro/Yamaha Factory Racing and Raines Off Road at a GNCC or National Enduro near you in 2015-16.

Fitment From Parts Finder:
YAMAHA (08-23) YZ 125 & YZ 250
YAMAHA (16-23) YZ 250X
YAMAHA (20-23) YZ 125X
YAMAHA (15-23) YZ 250FX
YAMAHA (16-23) YZ 450FX

Also Fits Models Below:
YAMAHA (07-23) YZ, WR 250F & 450F


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