KTM Motocross Samco Sport Silicone Frame T-Piece Hose 2023 plus Clamp Kit


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KTM SMR Motocross Samco Sport Silicone Frame T-Piece Hose with Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Kit included.

Fitment: KTM 23+  SX/XC/XC-F

Fitment: Husqvarna 23+ TC/TX/FX

The revolutionary Samco Frame T-Piece fits up the middle of your KTM SMR frame and replaces the aluminium standard fitting; this creates a free-flowing cooling piece joining the radiators at the top. The Frame T-Piece lowers temperatures compared to the OEM part, which restricts coolant flow where the shaft meets the T-section, this is due to machining.

Samco's free flowing Frame T-Piece (FTP) has no restrictions, allowing much better coolant direction, causing the bike to run noticeably cooler. This is a direct replacement part; however, it does take time for the installation. The OEM part is screwed together in two pieces, which is often the point where it can fail. The Samco Sport Frame T-Piece is a single moulded silicone piece, strengthening the internal components and removing one area of failure while helping cure overheating issues within your KTM. Used, approved and endorsed by Factory GP Race teams across the world.

Acts as a thermostat bypass hose on `23 250/300 SX/XC models further increasing coolant flow and reducing operating temperatures.


KTM Frame T-Piece Samco Sport Stainless Steel Radiator Hose Clamp Kit 2023
This is a high performance SamcoSport hose clamp kit which replaces your standard factory hose clamps with the highest quality stainless steel worm drive hose clamps available.
These hose clamps are entirely made from marine-grade 304 W5 stainless steel and have a 13mm wide band which increases their clamping force.
Greatest performance when fitted with your SamcoSport silicone hose kit.
All hose clamp kits are available for immediate despatch.

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