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CounterShox is a bolt-on device designed to provide a tuned counter-reaction to obstacles in racing and extreme racing environments. Impulses to the front fork are used to provide an automatic reactionary force that the rider no longer has to provide through the handlebars.

Motocross riders experience a lot of forces while putting in laps like breaking bumps and acceleration bumps causing the rider to grip the bars excessively, resulting in forearm pump. The action of the Countershox greatly reduces the constant impacts felt through the bars and the need for the “death grip”.

Enduro, Harescramble and Hard enduro riders can all benefit from the Countershox by reducing fatigue making it easier to push harder for longer.You will also see a huge improvement in the way the bike tracks over rough terrain such as rocky creek beds or gnarly stairstep rock hills allowing you to take the line you want, not the line you get bounced into.

Adventure Bike riders know all too well the fatigue that sets in on a long day of minimum maintenance road riding.Countershox has identified that a huge part of the issues experienced are from suspension that is out of phase with the terrain resulting in hard hits, headshake on acceleration, and a lack of wheel contact on washboards.

Child / Beginner
Installing Countershox on kids’ bikes increases their ability to control the bike and makes it track more predictably and safely resulting in a more confident ride.

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