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NOTE: The buckles are metal, not plastic! We just powder coat them black now so they look different than before. If words like “Blackwater” and “Erzburg” get your blood pumping, then you will immediately see the importance of having a front Tugger™! The Style 2 Tugger™ mounts to the front forks, providing a handy place to grab when you get in those situations where someone else is pulling on your bike. You hard-core enduro riders will love it! And let’s fact it: we all get into nasty situations occasionally – that’s part of the fun!  Watch this video and you’ll see what we mean:  Extreme Enduro video  The tire is slippery and muddy and will cause a loop-out if you’re on a hill because you’re lifting as well as pulling. The fender is too slippery and muddy, and most handlebars don’t have a crossbar to grab. The Style 2 Tugger™ comes in handy in the nastiest of situations or even just loading your machine into the truck. The front Tugger™ is made from the finest materials available. Like the rest of the Tugger™ line, it is built to work well, look good, and last. Has a removeable rubber handle to make it even more convenient to use! Weight: 1.4 oz! (3.0 with handle)

Note that the handle is removable, so you can still get custom embroidery if you want! Pictures show it with and without the handle.