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• Racing quality brake fluid
• Extremely high wet boiling point of more than 180°C (356° F)
• Low viscosity at low temperatures - better response
• Prevents the formation of vapor even at extreme braking loads
• Provides powerful and responsive braking.
• Suited for ABS systems
• Can be mixed with brake fluids of same specification, DOT 3 & 4
• Do not mix with brake fluids based on mineral oil, silicone, or with DOT 5.0

Sam Raybuck

BPD products are top notch! The customer service is even better! It’s a great company to support. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Nick Weeks

Purchased every part for my KTM and installed perfectly. Everything lines up to a T and the products are extremely stout. I couldn't be happier with the quality of their products and customer service.

Jesse LaJoie

Absolutely passionate about their craft and it comes at an exceptional price alongside great customer service. Customer for life here!