KTM TPS Sensor Guard

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Product Overview

Ultimate Protection for your Throttle Position Sensor on your new TPI bike.  Replace the plastic OEM cover with our Billet Aluminum TPS Guard and you are good to go.  Our Bullet Proof Designs Billet TPS Guard allows for a quick installation, rock solid protection from damage to allow worry-free riding and they also provide that sweet bling factor for your TPI.  Available in Silver, Blue, Black and Orange

  • Made in the USA from Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum
  • Provides full protection for your expensive Throttle Position Sensor
  • Guard is provided with the T25 safety bit for removal and re-installation of TPS cover bolts
  • Lifetime Warranty


2018-2020 KTM 250/300 XC-W TPI, 2020 250/300 XC TPI



(No reviews yet) Write a Review