Goldentyre GT216HBN 140/80-18

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Product Overview

GoldenTyre GT216 Enduro Rear Tyre
The Goldentyre GT216 is the the tyre of choice for extreme enduro riders, its pretty much an essential part of being competitive in the sport. There are two versions for different terrain and conditions. Don't think these are only for extreme events though, they are a very durable normal enduro tyre and are particularly good for the UK where the normally slick conditions mean that every ounce of grip counts.
The updated HBN version is the all round enduro compound that wear well and offers the amazing compliance in technical going that Goldentyre have become famous for.
Can be used with tubes or a (soft) mousse if you do not have tubeless rims

Recommended Bib Mousse Size:
Nuetech Nitro Mousse 140/80-18
Michelin Bib Mousse 140/80-18


(No reviews yet) Write a Review