Dunlop AT81 Geomax Enduro Tires

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Dunlop AT81 TIRES
The dominant force in pro supercross and motocross with the Geomax MX51, Dunlop has now refocused its energy to the world of off-road racing and has given it the attention it deserves. Named the Geomax AT81, Dunlop has created a tire that is not only physically stronger, but also more adaptable to the huge range of terrain off-road racing covers. Resisting accelerated wear while still keeping a feel that is responsive and compliant over bumps, the Dunlop Geomax AT81 rear tire is the new standard of performance for enduro and GNCC racing.

Compatible Bib Mousses-
Tire- 110/90-19 Bib-110/90-19 Bib-Mousse(M199)
Tire-110/100-18 Bib-120/90-18 Bib-Mousse(M18)
Tire-120/90-18 Bib-

Most 18" rear Wheels