Stew Baylor wins 5th NEPG Title!-Gobbler Getter National Enduro

Posted by NEPG-Shan Moore Photos on Nov 8th 2021

Stew Baylor wins 5th NEPG Title!-Gobbler Getter National Enduro

Steward Baylor wins his 5th NEPG Title last weekend at the Gobbler Getter National Enduro!  

Enduro21 Story: Words and Photos by Shan Moore

Though Steward Baylor started off charging hard at this final round, the ultimate goal was to take the title. Trying too hard can be your downfall and Stew says it took some crashes and even barbed wire in the front wheel to make him ease-up slightly to keep the National Enduro title in the Baylor family.

“It’s awesome to wrap up the fifth championship,” said Steward. “Luckily, everything fell into place. The last couple races I really didn’t have to push, just ride well, but never really too aggressive.

“I knew I really needed to be careful, save the bike, not over-ride, not end up on my head. I think all three of the first tests I crashed within the first 10 turns and I was like, ‘what are you doing?’

“At one point I got tangled in barbed wire. When the barbed wire got around my front wheel I was like, well, there it goes. So, after that test, I just cruised.”

Bullet Proof Designs is a proud sponsor of Steward Baylor and the entire AmPro Yamaha Team.