RTR Rentals-June Oregon trip

Posted by RTR Rentals on May 16th 2022

RTR Rentals-June Oregon trip

In June, the Rain Clouds lift, the Mudd solidifies, and Our countries very own Enchanted Rain Forest becomes rideable! The Tilamook State Forest Park, feels like your riding through the Jurassic Era! Rivers, waterfalls, and super saturated vegetation! Green moss on all the trees and ferns encroaching on the singletrack! But it’s ok, these plants don’t hurt you! The entire time I ride through this forest, I keep expecting to see the Keebler elves or fairies flying through these trees!! Maybe it’s cuz I live in the desert, but this Pacific Northwest Forest is my FAVORITE singletrack to ride! It’s magical, spiritually healing, and thrilling all at the same time! RSVP your spot and come ride! June 8-12 Portland Oregon $2650 Lodging, meals, drinks, Dirtbikes -All Included!

All of the fleet bikes with RTR Rentals are fully decked out with Bullet Proof Designs protection pieces.  We are a proud sponsor of Beau and RTR Rentals for a number of seasons now, great operation, great people, and awesome adventures!

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